Vikings News · 2019 Lady Vikes Soccer Team

The following need to be at Centerville Junior High at 7 tomorrow morning.  There will be a parent meeting Wednesday, July 31st at 6 pm in room 214 (enter on the east side).

Barrett Hall

Ashley Kunz

Tatiana Rich

Bailey Snell

Kate Strong

Libby Daines

Landree Evans

Megan Gardner

Gretchen James

Kennahdy Johnson

Emma Lindsay

Gloria Morris

Grace Remington

McKenna Stacey

Rynn Waddoups

Brooke Wersland

Claire Zwahlen

Maren Bailey

Mati Ball

Sam Bowen

Ellie Campbell

Berkeley Hamaker

Kim Hendrickson

Elle Howell

Lacy Lindquist

Anna Moore

Kate Pitt

Lauren Williams

Janessa Bartholomew

Addison Feinauer

Kaylee Garlick

Brynn Rees

Lydia Pitt

Taegan Frandsen

Nikell Stringfellow

Adriana Welsh